The Aaron Copland School of Music (ACSM) is located in Flushing, New York. The School of Music is part of Queens College, of the leading senior college in the City University of New York. Queens College is a liberal Arts college, boasting excellent programs in many areas, and the School of Music is the jewel in the crown. ACSM offers three different types of music undergraduate degrees; general music (BA), Performance (B.Mus), and Music Education (BA/Ed). All our undergraduate students go through rigorous academic courses in theory, history, ear-training, sight-singing and performance. All students in all undergraduate programs take private lessons as part of their degree requirements.

Our newly renovated music building provides our students with a welcoming atrium, Steinway pianos in all practice rooms, a music library which has more than 35,000 scores, 30,000 books and 20,000 recordings, and an award-winning LeFrak Concert Hall, celebrated for its acoustics and the Maynard-Walker Memorial organ. ACSM produces over 300 concerts a year including recitals, orchestra, choir, ensembles, new music, early music concerts, and opera productions.

ACSM offers a first-class curriculum, renowned faculty, and an extraordinary facility, at an extremely affordable tuition (full-time, in-state undergraduate tuition is currently $5,130, plus fees for a full year of study.) Students at the Copland School of Music get a world class education at the center of the cultural universe for an impressively affordable tuition. In addition, many of our students qualify for financial aid, and we have merit scholarships available up to the full cost of tuition.

IMG_0221The Aaron Copland School of Music(ACSM)坐落于纽约市皇后区,直属于纽约市立大学皇后学院。该学院是一所人文学院,在众多学科领域中都取得过优异的成绩。尤其是ACSM,凭借着纽约地区优秀的教师资源,更是闪光夺目。其中包括世界著名小提琴演奏家, 教育家Daniel Phillips;大提琴教育家 Marcy Rosen;茱莉亚音乐学院教授, 单簧管演奏家,Charles Neidich, 圆号演奏家David Jolley, 作曲家Bruce Saylor, 音乐史学专家 Arbie Orenstein, 音乐教育家 Janice Smith。学校大学部设有专业: 音乐教育, 器乐表演和音乐教育学分认证等;研究生部设有专业:古典音乐乐器表演,爵士专业,指挥,作曲理论专业及演奏家文凭等。学校音乐图书馆收藏乐谱超过 3万5千套,乐类书籍超过3万套,还有2万张音乐专辑。纽约地区著名的音乐厅—— LeFrak Concert Hall就坐落在校园中,每年超过300多场音乐会在这里举行 。